Live WorK

Since 1995 I have worked as a house engineer in such venues as the "Fleece and Firkin", "Fiddlers" and "Louisiana" in Bristol, the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil, and the Theatre Royal in Bath. This brought in contracts from PA companies such as:

SSE Hire,
PIP Recording,
Skan Hire,
Reality Check,
Concert Systems,

and I am often booked directly by bands.

I do a lot of freelance on monitors, stage tech (in ears), and system tech (front of house) at raves. These gigs are great fun and I have written more about them here.

Just check out the passes various and it will give you an idea of just where I have been. Hell I cannot remember without looking at a seasons passes.

(For a full rendition, check out my official resume)

Click here for more information about my work with SSE and others

Please note that these passes change every year so its no good copying them - you will not get in

Thanks to all involved for letting me use them

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