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Baseline is a Dorset County Council run studio provided to help up and coming young bands create demo-tracks and initial gigs. An analogue studio, it works in the format of any other analogue studio except for the presence of our digital hard-drive recorder. In November 2003 we received a major refurbishment including an extra room, triple glass, carpet layers on both floors and walls, plus a brand new Soundtracs 24/48 channel mixing desk.

New mixing desk at Baseline Studio
Baseline Main Hall

After working in many studios over the South-west and in an analogue studio in London I joined Baseline as a founding engineer in 1995.

My energetic sound is created by having all the musicians play live and then overdubbing the vocals afterwards. By keeping levels low onto the hard drive the desk achieves a lovely warm sound that is appreciated by many of my clients. It is also required by a lot of new bands who want the sound they heard in their dads record collection!!

Our current system consists of:

  1. A SoundTracs Topaz Project 8 24/48 channel analogue desk with 4/6 aux, 6 band graphic per channel and a 2 band graphic for 2 monitors and 1 aux.
  2. An Alexis HD 24 hard drive.
  3. A Sony 60es DAT tape drive for mastering.
  4. A Tascam RW700 CD rewriter for copies.
  5. Oodles of ancillary kit which is listed in the full studio specification.

I am always able to hire in other equipment for a certain project, just let me know at the time of booking.

Extra Cladding for the Studio

The studio also includes tea & coffee making facilities, Microwave, TV with Sky, Shower room, plus lots of other rooms to get away from the rest of the band for peace and quite !!

NB: Due to a few bands either not turning up or cancelling last minute there will now be a late cancellation fee of £20. This will be applied if the studio is cancelled 7 working days or less - PLEASE TAKE NOTE!

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