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I began as a workshop tutor with the Herbie Flowers RockShop which inspired Rocklab and led me to the Chard Foundation "Girls Rock On" project. More recently I have been running PA workshops alongside youth workers for Somerset County Council. Thanks to my Baseline work I am a qualified part-time youth worker with enhanced DOC1 Police clearance. The work is great and has opened up a great many doors for me.

Poster for RockLab 2003
Somerset County Council PA workshop
The aim of the workshops is to get young artists and engineers up to the age of 21 involved in the music industry. We try not to exclude anyone who is interested whether it is playing an instrument, singing, or engineering, "live" or in the studio. We support them for whatever they wish to learn. Its great to see peoples confidence grow and to see a team of young people working together to achieve a goal, be it a gig or recording.
Most of my smaller projects are in the Somerset area doing music at either youth clubs or using school facilities. I mainly teach PA instruction and mixing with advice on how to approach the music industry either as an artist or engineer. However I can also work under the heading of "detached youth work" which can cover a variety of different issues. Since qualifying as a youth worker with Dorset County Council I have done many courses (see full resume) to keep up with the times

A bands first RockLab in 2003

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